The Subdivision and Housing Developers Association, Inc. unfolds the year 2013 with an Organizational Meeting held on January 9, 2013 at the SHDA Conference Room. (SHDA). The meeting was attended by all the newly elected members of the 2013 SHDA Board of Governors. The elected officers, members of the Governors-at-large, Regional Governors who were confirmed by the Governors-at-Large, are as follows: President – Paul Tanchi (President, AXEIA Development Corporation); 1st Vice President – Ricky Celis (President, AMAIA Land Corp. of Ayala Land Inc.); 2nd Vice-President – Armenia Ballesteros (AVP, SM Development Corp.); Corporate Secretary – Christopher Narciso (SVP & Project Devpt. Head, Taft Property Venture Devpt. Corp.); Treasurer – Fely Ramos (SVP/COO Fino Property Ventures, Inc.); Auditor – Rodel Racadio (Vice-President, Camella Homes); Public Relations Officer – Rene Jose Ledesma, Jr (EVP, Ledesco Devpt. Corp.); Governors-at-Large – Jesus “JJ” B. Atencio (President, 8990 Housing Devpt. Corp.), John Paul Dy (President, Prominence Property Devpt. Corp), Arlene C. Keh (President, Cypress Grove Estates Corp.), Augusto G. Leonardo, Jr. ( EVP, Property Co. of Friends), Jonathan G. Lu (President, P.A. Alvarez Prop. & Devpt. Corp.), George T. Siy (President/CEO, Convergence Realty Devpt.), Wilfredo M. Tan (President, Hausland Devpt. Corp.), and Rosie Tsai Wang (President, Citihomes Builders & Devpt. Inc.); Regional Governors – Dennis R. Leveriza (President, Welmanville Devpt. Corp.) for Luzon, Ret Gen Rufo de Veyra (President, Peerless Housing Projects) for Visayas and Henry Lopez Chua (President, HLC Construction & Devpt. Corp.) for Mindanao. Appointed Board of Advisers are as follows: Marilu M. Alferez (Consultant, Robinsons Land Corp.), Eduardo M. Alunan (President, Alunan Realty Company, Inc.), Roy D. Calleja (President, GPUO Realty Devpt. Corp.), Bansan C. Choa (Chairman, Surewell Equities, Inc.), Manuel C. Crisostomo (President, Firm Builders Realty Devpt. Corp.), Noel S. Gonzales (President, CHMI Land, Inc.), Jose S. de Guzman (President, Forte Realty Corp.), Mariano Martinez (President, IP Converge Data Center, Inc. and Chairman, 8990 Housing Devpt. Corp.), and Willie J. Uy (President, PHINMA Property Holdings, Inc.).

During the meeting, strategic committees identified in the Roadmap were presented in a matrix and each member/adviser of the Board was asked to signify their interest either as Chairman or member of any of the committees confirmed. As such, the following members/advisers of the Board confirmed their commitment to serve as chairman or member, to wit: Mr. Jesus “JJ” Atencio – Educational Research Committee Chairman and member of the Support and Operations, Membership Communication, Events, Website/Social Media, PR and Advocacy and Convention committees. Ms. Armi Ballesteros – Subsidy and Incentives Committee Chairman and member of the BIR Matters and Socialized MRB committees. Mr. Ricky Celis – Convention Committee Chairman and member of the Production and Regulatory committees. Mr. JP Dy – Ways and Means and Golf Tournament Committees Chairman and member of the Convention and Regulatory committees. Ms. Arlene Keh – Socialized MRB and Finance and Investment Committees Chairman. Mr. Augusto Leonardo – Production Committee Chairman. Mr. Jonathan Lu – member of the PR/Advocacy and Financing Needs committees. Mr. Christopher Narciso – Financing Needs Committee Chairman. Mr. Rodel Racadio – Regulatory Committee Chairman and member of the Legislative, Production and Convention committees. Ms. Fely Ramos – BIR Matters Committee Chairman. Mr. George Siy – Legislative Committee Chairman and member of the Regulatory committee. Ms. Rosie Tsai Wang – Chairman of the Membership, Business Meetings and By-Laws amendment committees. Ms. Marilu Alferez – Housing Fair Committee Chairman and member of the Membership/Business Meetings and BIR Matters committees. Mr. Roy Calleja – member of the Regulatory and Financing Needs committees. Mr. Bansan Choa – member of the Finance and BIR matters committees. Mr. Manuel Crisostomo – member of the Financing Needs committee. Mr. Willy Uy – member of the Socialized MRB , Finance and Investment and Production committees. Mr. Noel Gonzales – member of the Financing Needs Committee. Archt. Jose de Guzman – shall be a member of all committees that needs his support

It was also agreed that the entire membership shall be invited and encouraged to join as members of any of the committees they are interested in.

Immediately after the organizational meeting, the first Execom meeting was held to discuss vital and urgent issues/matters which need immediate action for board’s confirmation/ratification. On January 18, SHDA Board conducted its annual planning session. Each committee chairperson presented his/her objectives cum action plans to be undertaken which are to be aligned with the Roadmap strategies for the whole year. On January 29, the 2013 SHDA National Board took their oath of office with Vice- President Jejomar Binay at the Coconut Palace. On this day also, both the committees on BIR matters and Socialized MRB had their meetings separately. The Legislative committee members attended the Senate TWG Meeting on the Buyers’ Protection bills on January 30.