On May 3, Mr. Paul Tanchi together with some members of the board met with BOI and made a 2nd presentation on the justification for the ITH retention incorporating BOI comments. This was followed by a meeting on May 6 with HUDCC and DOF officials on the same subject with focus on how DOF, DTI and HUDCC can have a compromise. On May 7, the SHDA-HOLCIM MOA was signed by SHDA Chairman and National President Paul Tanchi and HOLCIM President Eduardo Sahagun. Execom meeting was held on May 8 and action taken on matters discussed will be presented to the Board for approval and/or ratification.

The various committees met on different dates, to wit:

a. May 12 – BIR committee which discussed proposed position paper incorporating the suggestions/comments made by the Board and subsequently endorsed to the consultant who shall assist in the preparation of the position paper.

b. May 14 – Legislative committee which tackled the amendments of Section 18 of UDHA; amendments to NLAUMA/NALUPA bill; amendments to RESA Law; Creation of Local Housing Board bill; Anti-squatting law; and IRR for ARTA Law. The meeting was followed by the PR Committee meeting;

c. Other committee meetings were held on different dates – Convention Committee (May 16) chaired by Mr. Ricky Celis; Meeting with BFP Gen. Romero (May 17) on AFSS; Membership committee (May 21) which reviewed and screened applicants for membership, discussed Chapter Formation, definition of Affiliates and parameters in considering applicants for allied industries and professional, and Regulatory committee (May 22) which tackled Land Conversion, ECC and updates on AFSS; Meeting with DILG Usec Fernandez (May 23) both on AFSS and Socialized MRB; Production Committee Chair, Mr. Gus Leonardo and members attended the BOI meeting (May 28) conducted with construction materials suppliers; simultaneously on this day, BIR Matters committee members met on May 20 with consultant to discuss minor revisions on position paper and on May 28 with BIR Dep. Com. Nelson Aspe to submit SHDA position paper. Likewise in the afternoon, the Legislative committee met with HUDCC Director Ronald Fontamillas to discuss amendments to Senate Bill 3091.

The SHDA Board meeting was held on May 22 with the following highlights:

a) The Board unanimously approved the recommendation to retain its BOI ITH position for a status quo, but if SHDA is asked to compromise, the board agreed to apply the incentive up to Php2.5M.

b) The BIR position paper prepared by both the committee members and the consultant was disseminated to the Board for them to read and submit comments within three (3) days.

c) The Board approved the recommendation of Mr. Rodel Racadio, chair of the Regulatory Committee, to submit officially to the HLURB Commissioner and CEO SHDA’s position paper on the required HOA conformity, prior to the issuance of COC. SHDA will meet with HLURB Commissioner to discuss other pending issues and get updates on concerns referred previously.

d) Mr. John Paul Dy informed the Board that the BPIFamily Savings Bank has agreed to enter into a corporate partnership in the amount of P1M.

e) Mr. Ricky Celis presented in full detail the proposed program content of the 2013 National Developers Convention which will be held on September 26-27 at the Fairmont Hotel, Makati City. There will be an evening fellowship where the national board will perform the opening number. There will also be a contest among the chapter’s presentation.

f) The board approved, upon the recommendation Ms. Rosie Wang, the applications for membership of the following:
f.1 Sun East Resources, regular, which was recommended by the committee for conditional approval pending receipt of HLURB clearance;
f.2 WEE Community Developers, Inc., regular, also for conditional approval pending receipt of HLURB clearance; and
f.3 Katigbak Enterprise, affiliate, for approval.

Ms. Wang also made mentioned on the forthcoming meeting being arranged by Mr.
Willy Tan with developers for the formation of the Central Luzon Chapter.

On May 27, Mr. Paul Tanchi attended the TOPS-LRA meeting which discussed the forthcoming LRA Summit which will be held on October in Davao City.

On May 30, the 2013 SHDA Golf Tournament was conducted in Wack-Wack Golf and Country Club with eighty-two (82) players. Ms. Beth Lampas attended the CREBA Business meeting in the afternoon. Immediately after the Gold tournament, some officers of the Board led by Mr. Tanchi met with Ms. Daisy Dulay of HGC to discuss HGS’s new Wholesale Housing Finance Program.