Published on November 22, 2013, Daily Tribune Online:

Land use planning, in the latest version of the National Land Use Bill and Management Act (NLUMA), calls for more multi-sectoral representation and input, including technical experts and experienced planners and operators.
With the country reeling from natural disasters, endless traffic bottlenecks, increased squatting, and floods, the expertise of urban planners, developer, experienced planning engineers, and logistics experts in land use and physical planning are vital to environmental sustainability and national productivity.
National Land Use should also balance the use and considerations of land for residential, commercial, tourism, logistics, education, parks, and other community needs and visions, and not be defined necessarily by just a single use or sector consistently as the highest priority.
The Subdivision and Housing Association, the country’s largest association of private developers, proposes the above good land use planning which requires increasing private sector and multi-industry/stakeholder involvement in the government and inter-agency committees, meetings, evaluation processes and land use bodies outlined in some of the bill’s current versions.
There are two pending versions of the National Land Use Bill, namely HB 108 and 3122, wherein both seek to manage and develop the country’s land and water resources.
Both also look at maintaining and preserving environmental stability, sustainable use of natural resources, disaster risk reduction and climate risk-based planning, among a number of goals.