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SHDA needs a full time LEGISLATIVE OFFICER who can hit the ground running NOT necessarily a lawyer, to ensure that SHDA will have the right position papers that incorporate the industry’s stand on proposed bills for congress and/or implementing guidelines for Govt Institutions. As such, he/she must have the following basic qualifications :

  1. Must be sufficiently familiar with the current situation and complexities of the real estate and housing industry, that is, must be knowledgeable and a fast learner on the issues affecting housing specially as he/she will be tasked to prepare position papers of SHDA culled from the position papers already approved by the present and previous boards.
  2. Must be highly skilled in written and oral communications.
  3. Must be highly skilled in interpersonal relations.
  4. Must be computer literate.
  5. Must be able to act as spokesperson for SHDA before congress, senate and

government regulatory agencies such as HUDCC, DAR, DENR, DA, BOI and the like.

As such he/she should be knowledgeable with the internal functions/arrangements of the working committees, familiar with the persons involved and should be able to give SHDA advanced access to initial and final drafts of bills, advanced info on meetings including the workings of the members of the BICAM tasked to harmonize the final bill approved by both houses of Congress.

  1. He/she must be able to work with the different personalities in the Board of SHDA.