MasterClass by SHDA – The Second Episode: Pandemic: The New “P” in the Marketing Mix

Fresh from his insightful interview on the RJ Ledesma podcast, PHINMA President and CEO Rafael “Pete” Felix will talk about how Covid-19 has added a new dimension to the Marketing discipline for real estate developers.

“In marketing homes today, “build it and they shall come” no longer works for a discerning market. Each developer has to figure out what space he wants to play in. Given this, the pandemic is leveling the playing field and has brought small and medium developers closer to the big boys.”

Find out how the Pandemic is the new P in the marketing mix for real estate developers as Pete brings insights from his corporate and entrepreneurial experience to our MasterClass audience.

Pete became President & Chief Executive Officer in 2019 and currently holds the position in PHINMA Property Holdings Corporation and is concurrently the President of Community Property Management Group, Inc., and PHINMA Prism Development Corporation. 

He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in AB Economics from Ateneo de Manila University. He finished Strategy Execution and Innovation programs from Harvard Business Review and Business Analytics from Asian Institute of Management. 

Immediately after a 2-year stint in the property development business in the U.S., Pete joined PHINMA Properties in 2007 to head its Business Planning. In 2010, he became the Assistant Vice President of Project Management and in 2014, he established and became the Vice President for Urban Housing Division. By 2018, he was appointed to be the Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of PHINMA Properties. 

Prior to Phinma Properties, Pete was always involved in various capacities in the housing industry. 

Pete was elected to the Board of Governors in Subdivision and Housing Developers Association (SHDA) where he served from 2017-2020. With SHDA, he headed up the Regulatory Committee in 2017-2018, elected President in 2019, and Chairman the following year.