SHDA 2016 Housing Industry Roadmap


The SHDA Roadmap is a study conducted by the Subdivision and Housing Developers Association, Inc. (SHDA) in collaboration with the Center for Research and Communication Foundation, Inc. (CRC). 


The study aims to review and update the housing industry’s performance from 2012 to 2015 in relation to the 2012 Housing Industry Roadmap and the Philippine Development Plan for Social Development. It also provides an updated estimate of the national and regional housing demand and supply outlook and measures the degree of forward and backward linkages of the housing industry with key domestic sectors of the economy. 


The results of the study have been used from 2016 to the present day by developers and policy makers to revisit, reinforce, or reformulate strategies and programs to address the demand and supply gap and the housing deficit in the housing market. The study also aims to maximize the contribution of the housing sector to the Philippine economy.