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SHDA in 2024

Forging livable and affordable communities towards sustainable nation-building

SHDA is in the forefront of rallying for the Updated Comprehensive land Use Plans and the overall National Land use Act for housing production in ongoing dialogues with government institutions such as DAR, DA, and DENR.

SHDA galvanizes government and private financial institutions’ involvement in housing development through innovative financing schemes, improved HDMF take-out processes, and exploring alternative financing sources.

SHDA advocates in the simplification of housing permitting and digitizing government transactions for innovative, transparent and efficient processes.

SHDA maintains a steadfast commitment to providing socialized and economic housing despite cost increases and collaborates with NEDA and DHSUD to address periodic housing price ceiling adjustments mandated by RA 7279.

SHDA is championing the integration of private housing developers in the National Shelter program and pursue their inclusion in BOI DTI‘s Strategic Investment Priority Program, with ongoing dialogues with relevant government agencies.

SHDA stands unwavering in its call for the government to provide Public Housing Programs for lower-income individuals who lack access to formal financing.

SHDA underscores its vision in the pursuit of a more organized housing development landscape by proposing a national spatial framework plan to guide developers and planners in project implementation.

SHDA takes a firm stand in establishing a conflict resolution process for conflicting National and local government pronouncements on housing regulations and guidelines to aid developers, particularly at regional and local levels.

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